Sunday, February 15, 2015

2015 here we come!!!!

Guess who's baaaaaack!!!  Yep, been over a year (I can't even believe it!!!).  Where does the time go?  I can't even tell you.  Days turns into weeks which turns into months and here we are-over a year later!!!

Lets see...first things first.  The boys.  Austin will be 4 years old in less than 2 months; Jake turned 7 last September and is now in 2nd grade.  Everyone is good-status quo.

Jake is still our well behaved, well mannered, caring and loving boy.  He is so smart and strong willed (um, a little like his mommy haha).  Still VERY shy and introverted.  But seems like thats just gonna be his personality.  Everyone calls him the "old soul".  He loves hanging with the adults and is very intuitive.  He loves to play "office" and can often by found in his playroom writing lists, making crafts, playing buses, etc.  Hearing is good-just routine checks and all has been good.  He is the best big brother anyone could ask for!

Austin is our strong-willed, outspoken, defiant (haha-yes!) little young man.  He's at the stage of "I can do it by myself".  And as soon as he doesn't get what he wants-everyone knows it.  As much as he is all of those things-he is also very loving.  He loves to cuddle, snuggle and give kisses and hugs.  He has a great sense of humor and is so quick to pick new things up.  And boy does he have an arm of a professional baseball pitcher!! He loves all things sports-ALL THINGS SPORTS!  And cars...he loves cars, trucks and tractors!
The boys had a blast at Christmas this year.  So excited and so giving.  All in all, we are doing well.  Sorry for the hiatus-guess time flies when you're having fun as they say!!!

Loving his motorcyle

Hanging on the boat

Halloween 2014

Christmas 2014

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pictures, Pictures and MORE pictures

Here is a snip it into our lives for the past 8 months....(hate catching up this way!):

                                                                    Christmas 2012

                                                                      Winter Fun

Spring 2013

Easter 2013

Austin's 2nd Birthday!

Mother's Day 2013

Hanging out

Memorial Day 2013

Jake's Kindergarten Graduation June 2013

Summer Fun

Thomas the Train ride

Walt Disney World Trip

August 2013

Austin loved the princesses..haha... shot we could get of the family!!!

Another "family" shot...well we tried anyways!

And that my friends is the year in flew by as fast as you just went through the pictures....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Has it really been almost 8 months?

There really is just no excuse for the time that has passed since my last post!!!!  I kept telling myself that I had to update, and the more time that passed, them more I had to update...and kept putting it off.  Now look whats happened..its been 8 months!!  Christmas has passed, Austin's 2nd birthday has passed and now summer is half over!  Where to even begin...

Christmas was great.  Austin and Jake both had a blast opening up gifts and playing with all their new things.  I don't recall anything major except for the usual winter colds.  Austin turned 2 on April 12th.  We had a party at the house and Austin was a nut, as usual, running around and having fun.  He LOVES to play with balls...any, basketball, soccer ball, etc.  You name it, he loves it.  He can literally dribble a ball around the room with his foot (left of course-he's a lefty all the way!) and now even "drop kicks" balls-where you hold the ball and drop it onto your foot and kick it.  Yep, totally athletic and he's all boy.  He can hit a ball with a baseball bat if you throw it to him.  Between sports and "cars", thats all he plays with.  I just went through his room and gave away all of his brand new toys that he never even played with.

Jake finished his first year of kindergarten.  So proud of my deaf/mainstreamed kid.  His report card was awesome.  He is still struggling with his social skills-he's very shy and we really have been noticing it more and more.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get him to open up and have less anxiety around new people or new things-I'm open for some help.  He doesn't want to play any sports.  We signed him up for cub scouts but that doesn't start until September, so I'm at a loss.

Austin graduated in July from Early Intervention.  I'm so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.    He eats nothing-haha.  Well, not nothing.  Just doesn't eat anything good for him (kinda like his mommy I guess).  He eats yogurt, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, strawberries, applesauce, bananas and pancakes.  Sometimes he'll eat a little pasta, but really other than those things, nothing else.  Oh well.  He's growing and is solid, so I'm not complaining.

His speech has really taken off in the last six months.  He speaks full sentences (for example, the other night in the bath he said "Don't splash me Jacob") and this morning he said "Mommy, Jacob just pushed me".  You can see there is a lot of sibling rivalry going on.  The boys fight constantly, but just as constant they are playing together nicely.  Its fun to watch how Austin just follows Jake around and does everything that Jake does.  And Jake loves that-he loves to be in charge and to be the big brother.  And Jake is such a good big brother!

One thing that Austin does not like is WATER!  Seriously...what kid doesn't like water?  Well, mine!!  He HATES the bath and screams the entire time he is in there; and he hates the pool, screaming the entire time.  He even hates the water table!  So, this summer has been a struggle because Jake loves the water and pool; but its so hard to have one child in the pool while the other is outside the pool screaming for you.  And Austin's a mommy's boy.  He is getting a little better with Kevin, but he definitely wants his mommy...ALL THE TIME!

Austin has his 1 year check up with his neurosurgeon next week.  I can't believe its been one year since he was last seen for his shunt.  So blessed for this miracle child of mine!!!!

I think thats enough catch up for now...I'm going to post lots of pics and videos so stay tuned...

Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis the be sick!

I'm home today with a lil guy who has Fifths Disease!!!  Yep, broke out in the rash last night and it has gotten worse.  Luckily doctor said that he should feel better tomorrow and can go back to daycare.  Not that I'm complaining about having a day off from work, but I had to take a few days last week off myself because I have MONO!  Yeppers, the big 'ol MONO!  Never had it before as a kid...apparently mine is "acute" mono.  So I was tired and achy, but thanks to some rest (well as much as one can possibly get with having a 20 month old and a 5 year old around) and some meds...I'm feeling pretty darn good thankfully.

So what does one do with some unexpected time on her hands??  Well, update my blog of course.  Haha.  Nothing overly crazy going on.  Thanksgiving was nice, spent with family and just relaxing.  Then I did some black friday shopping, which I have to say just isn't the same since every store is basically open thanksgiving night now...kinda takes the fun away from waking up early and going shopping before the rest of the world is awake.  And I didn't get any great deals this year either.  Oh well.

"Buddy" (our Elf on the Shelf) arrived a few days later from the North Pole and both the boys are loving him.  Austin is having fun too looking for Buddy each morning.  Makes me laugh and its just so cute how excited they get.

Santa has an extra special surprise for Jake this year.  I can't even wait and Jake is going to be so surprised!  (And no its not your typical "toy" that a 5 year old would get)  If you know Jake, you know that he is no typical kid....and his favorite thing to do is play "office" or "school".  He has taken over my desk and our computer area Santa has a surprise just for him!

So lets just hope for a low key, illness free, holiday!    Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!!!!

Trying to do Christmas card photos....
Austin not "having" it

After about a dozen not so good ones, I finally got one with both of them smiling  :)

*My heart goes out to Newtown, CT and all of the families who lost a loved one...I can't even imagine*  They are all in my thoughts and prayers...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bye Bye Summer, HellllOOO Fall (and almost winter!)

Well here it is, the update post.  I wish I didn't have to keep doing "update" posts, but since I see it has been 3 months since my last post, well....update here we go!!!

Lets see...summer went out with a bang!  No, not really, things were pretty low key as we prepared for Jake's big kindergarten first day!!!  Kevin and I were a nervous wreck, more so because Jake is so super shy, how on earth would he get onto the BIG bus with the BIG kids all by himself?  The day before school started, we set up a meeting to sit down and teach all of his teachers about his "ears".  Well of course, I prepared myself with tons of handouts, pictures, guidelines, and information....prepared to meet with all of his new teachers (kindergarten, teacher of the deaf, speech teacher, physical therapist, classroom aide, gym teacher, music teacher, art name it!)  (*Side note, I EVEN prepared info for the bus company and his bus driver and dropped all of that off a few days before!)  So...Jake and I walk into the school and guess one had ANY IDEA about this big meeting.  Yup!  Gotta love it.  So, after waiting almost an hour, we were finally able to scrounge up the kindergarten teacher and speech teacher; sat with them for about 10 minutes; and that was it.  I was not a happy parent.  I mean, seriously...Jake is the first child to go through this district who is mainstream with cochlear implants.  FIRST KID EVER  in this district.  In my eyes, that should be a big deal, right?  I mean, when I'm told as a parent that everyone who is anyone that will even have contact with Jake will be there and then we show up and there is a miscommunication and no one even has any idea who we are??  Ugh....

Well, the next day comes...Jake's first day of school.  We wake up and its raining, and dark.  But Jake still wants to walk down to the bus stop (its at the end of our road).  So, Kevin, Austin and I all get ready...Jake's excited....Kevin and I are a nervous wreck strategizing how we are going to throw him on the bus and run off if he starts crying and refuses to get on.  We get down to the bus stop and there are TONS of kids.  Great.  Strategizing more.  Waiting.  Rain starts to come down harder.  Trying to get Jake excited.  Waiting.  And waiting.  Then it starts to pour.  Yep.  Waiting some more.  Then I see the bus.  Jake hesitates as we start to walk toward the bus.  I'm ready-ready to do what I have to get him on the bus; after all, this day is the start of a whole year of getting on the bus; it has to go well; he has to get on.  Walking closer and closer to the bus and all of a sudden I heard "THERE'S JACOB!"  WHAT????  I look up to see two of Jake's friends from his bus stop.....getting out of their van...running up to him.  Jake gets a huge smile on his face, gives us a quick kiss goodbye and runs onto the bus with his friends.  And there he was,  waving goodbye to us with a big smile on his face.  Turns out that these friends live right up the road from us and we had no idea.   And so began every morning at the bus.  Jake LOVES the bus and gets on with no problems every morning.  Phew...

Waiting for the bus

September 19, 2012, Jake turned 5!  We had a small celebration for him this year, just family and he loved it.  Everyday I look at him and am just amazed at what a perfect child he is.  So smart, so kind, so loving and just fun.  Thank you buddy for being so wonderful!!

Austin turned 18 months old on October 12, 2012.  What a personality he has.  He is active.  And everything his big brother does, he has to do.  He's obsessed with cars.  Loves them.  As long as he has some sort of car, he is happy.  He is quite the gabber now too.  He says "mama, dada, a-bob (for Jacob), uh oh" and lots of other sounds.  Oh and he throws quite the temper tantrums and he has been hitting.  Yup, hitting.  So we are trying to work on that.  Thankfully Jake never hits back.  And Austin he has grown quite obsessed with Barney, much like his big brother.  I was hoping Barney was going to die off in this house, but now I'm feeling we have another few years to go.  And Jake is back to watching it all the time with Austin!!!!  Yep, I can sing every song and know the moves to every dance; don't be jealous!!

Hurricane Sandy hit this area very hard.  And the Jersey shore is "close to home" for me; having a lot of friends down there and having lived down there for my college years.  I'm still speechless when I see the devastation the storm brought.  Praying for all of the people who were affected by the storm.  Life was pretty hectic here for the week (or two) following Sandy...with the gas shortages, power outages, trees down, flooding.  We were thankful to have no damage to our house with fallen trees and only lost power for a day. Many others close to us lost power for a lot longer.

Life continues to move full speed ahead.  I find that I have no time for anything other than the same old grind.  But as long as the boys are doing well, I'm just fine with that.

Here is just a small clip of what life is like in Weyville....these two keep me busy!  Haha....

Sunday, August 19, 2012

He's on the move...

This video was taken on August how excited Jake is!  

This past monday I noticed that Austin was starting to let go of things and walk.  Well by tuesday, he was walking like crazy.  Then wednesday night, croupe hit him..pretty hard.  But it didn't stop him....he's getting pretty good at this walking thing now.  He's funny...he takes his time with each step and concentrates on the balance aspect, so he doesn't really fall that much.  

And quiet the little "gabber" we have too.  He's so serious when he talks...

And talk about all the brotherly love he gets....

Gosh how I love these boys....


Thursday, August 9, 2012


I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.  
Before you were born I set you apart.  
Jeremiah 1:5

That passage seems perfectly fitting for this post.  Apologies (like always) for not updating sooner, but that life of mine keeps getting in the way :)  Austin is 3 days shy of being 16 months old.  And this child of mine is nothing short of a miracle.  During my pregnancy, many of you (as well as many people I have never met) prayed for Austin; prayed for healing of Austin; prayed for a miracle.  I was told "just believe".  And so I did...I believed that he would be healed.  I believed that no matter what disheartening news we got, he would be okay.  

And today....August 9, 2012, we got the news we had been waiting for.....Austin's brain is perfectly normal! WHAT??!!!!  Oh yes, I said it!  Our neurosurgeon said he has a perfect brain!   

Austin had his yearly follow up MRI on July 30, 2012.  We met with the neurosurgeon today to go over the results in person.  She compared pictures of his MRI at birth (with lots of fluid and large ventricles) to last week's MRI which shows "normal" ventricles.  NORMAL!  And to top off things she said "see you in a YEAR"!  A whole year!!!!  (Keep in mind this was our 11th visit in 15 you do the math)  

Austin continues to do great.  He is starting to really babble and form sounds (which the ENT told us to give him at least 6 months to catch up with since the tubes were put in).  He is "stepping" true gooser style, he prefers to crawl over walking.  But he does takes steps and can do between 3 and 5 steps pretty consistently when he's not paying attention.  He climbs, he laughs, he pitches absolute fits when he doesn't get his way, and boy does he loves his brother.  He continues to amaze me everyday!!!   

Many, many thanks to all of you who believed with me...who prayed with me and for Austin....who have been with us through the tough times and who have celebrated with us through the good times.  We truly are blessed.  

 Quite the lil ham he is....these were taken in a matter of about 30 secs!
  He's on the move all the time....haha.