Sunday, August 19, 2012

He's on the move...

This video was taken on August how excited Jake is!  

This past monday I noticed that Austin was starting to let go of things and walk.  Well by tuesday, he was walking like crazy.  Then wednesday night, croupe hit him..pretty hard.  But it didn't stop him....he's getting pretty good at this walking thing now.  He's funny...he takes his time with each step and concentrates on the balance aspect, so he doesn't really fall that much.  

And quiet the little "gabber" we have too.  He's so serious when he talks...

And talk about all the brotherly love he gets....

Gosh how I love these boys....


Thursday, August 9, 2012


I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb.  
Before you were born I set you apart.  
Jeremiah 1:5

That passage seems perfectly fitting for this post.  Apologies (like always) for not updating sooner, but that life of mine keeps getting in the way :)  Austin is 3 days shy of being 16 months old.  And this child of mine is nothing short of a miracle.  During my pregnancy, many of you (as well as many people I have never met) prayed for Austin; prayed for healing of Austin; prayed for a miracle.  I was told "just believe".  And so I did...I believed that he would be healed.  I believed that no matter what disheartening news we got, he would be okay.  

And today....August 9, 2012, we got the news we had been waiting for.....Austin's brain is perfectly normal! WHAT??!!!!  Oh yes, I said it!  Our neurosurgeon said he has a perfect brain!   

Austin had his yearly follow up MRI on July 30, 2012.  We met with the neurosurgeon today to go over the results in person.  She compared pictures of his MRI at birth (with lots of fluid and large ventricles) to last week's MRI which shows "normal" ventricles.  NORMAL!  And to top off things she said "see you in a YEAR"!  A whole year!!!!  (Keep in mind this was our 11th visit in 15 you do the math)  

Austin continues to do great.  He is starting to really babble and form sounds (which the ENT told us to give him at least 6 months to catch up with since the tubes were put in).  He is "stepping" true gooser style, he prefers to crawl over walking.  But he does takes steps and can do between 3 and 5 steps pretty consistently when he's not paying attention.  He climbs, he laughs, he pitches absolute fits when he doesn't get his way, and boy does he loves his brother.  He continues to amaze me everyday!!!   

Many, many thanks to all of you who believed with me...who prayed with me and for Austin....who have been with us through the tough times and who have celebrated with us through the good times.  We truly are blessed.  

 Quite the lil ham he is....these were taken in a matter of about 30 secs!
  He's on the move all the time....haha.