Monday, May 21, 2012

Austin is 1 (Update Part 1)

Gosh, its been so long I don’t even know where to begin.  And, as much
as I’m to blame for not updating sooner, this blog has been causing me

some problems and it seems that every time I do try to update, I’m

unable to save it to a post!  Nuf with the excuses….I’m BACK!

And boy do I have LOTS to update on!  Lets see…..well, first and

foremost, AUSTIN IS 1!  He had a great birthday.  Celebrated at

school, celebrated at home with us, and then had a big blowout Dr.

Seuss birthday bash with family and friends.  I went WAY overboard on

the party.  Partly because of what a miracle this little boy is,
partly because its going to be our last “first birthday” party, and
partly because I can’t help but absolutely adore him!  So, whatever
which way you look at it…I went overboard.  I found some cute ideas on
the internet for the Dr. Seuss theme and it just skyrocketed from
there.  Right down to the family shirts, decorations galore and
“themed” snacks and treats.  It was fun though and everyone seemed to
enjoy themselves, especially Austin.

A few days later we had Austin’s one year check up at the

pediatrician.  He is doing wonderfully and there were no concerns

noted.  Right after that appointment was our one year followup with

the ENT for a hearing test.  That didn’t go so well.  Turned out that

Austin had significant fluid in his ears (he has had a few ear
infections in the past couple of months) so they didn’t do the hearing
test and instead told us to come back in 6 weeks.  ENT said that if he
gets one more ear infection he will need to have tubes put in.  Well,
wouldn’t you know it, within a few days, the fluid turned into a
double ear infection!  So, we went back to the ENT this past week and well, 
lets just say..Austin is getting tubes put in on Friday!!!  They did a hearing test 
on him and he isn't hearing the low tones so its not worth the wait any longer to us.  
We want him to be able to hear everything.  And thankfully his hearing is perfect otherwise. 
 So, this friday it is.  ENT (who is the same doctor that performed both of Jake's implant surgeries)
 said that as soon as we go get a coffee, the surgery will be over.  He said its the 
easiest surgery he does.  We will just have to make sure he has ear plugs in for the
 next six months around water.   I'm just looking foward to him not being sick anymore!!   

Then a few days after the first ENT appointment was Austin’s six month eye

check up with the optomologist.  His eyes stayed exactly the

same…still really far sighted.  Dr. said if they get any worse, he’ll

need glasses.  So we go back in another six months and just hoping

they get a little better as he gets older.

Austin also had his first haircut!  His hair was getting so long it was actually
hanging out from underneath the back of his helmet.  He did great though
and sat like a big boy!!

And finally…on April 23rd, Austin GRADUATED from his helmet!!!  Whoo

hoo!!  It was bitter sweet.  Excited that it came off, but Kevin and I

were both nervous wrecks the first few days afterwards worrying about

him falling and hitting his head.  We got used to the fact that the

helmet would break his fall.  But it was nice to not have to have it
on and I really felt like it was starting to impede his stretching and
torticollis.  George (helmet guy) even commented on how well Austin
did with the helmet considering his hydrocephalus and reported that
most kids with hydro tend not to get as good of results as Austin.
But then again, Austin is not your typical kid!

So I think that catches us up with doctor’s appointments and updates.

And other than that, we have been really really busy.  We took a trip

down to Virginia to see some of my friends and that was nice all

around.  Austin loved being at Kings Dominion amusement park and even

got his first ride on the merry go round.

Physically he is doing better and better everyday.  He walks with

walkers, cruises around the furniture, and I wouldn’t be surprised if

he starts standing on his own very soon.  He’s like a whirlwind, in to

EVERYTHING.  Something Kevin and I are still getting used to.  And he

does not like to sit still.  And boy oh boy does he had a personality.
 Very dramatic he is!  Makes me laugh all the time.  His new thing is
to raise his eyebrows as if to say “hey, guys whats that over there?”
 Usually followed with babbling of some sort.

Pacifier has been an issue.  I’m all about the pacifier for little

ones, but Austin has only liked one kind since he was born…the soothie.

 Anyone who knows what that is, knows that they don’t make those

pacifiers for 1 year olds!  They are newborn up to 3 months old.

But…Austin hates all the other kinds.  Well, when his teeth started
coming in, the top two came in with a big gap in between them.  And it
occurred to me that it was probably because of his pacifier…which is
round and happens to fall right in the middle of where the gap is!
Ugh!  Why didn’t I realize this sooner??  Anyhoo…so now we have banned
him from the pacifier, and he is only allowed to use it to put himself
to sleep and then it comes out the rest of the night.  And I gotta
say, his babbling has really increased since we stopped this.  It has
been harder to calm him though without it, but it’s a change that has
to be done.

All in all, that’s whats going on in Weyville.  Please keep Austin in your prayers on friday for his surgery!!! 
Lots and Lots of pictures to follow......