Monday, August 8, 2011


For those of you "non believers" (in signs of course!) out there, you have to re-read my original "Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs" post here:

Now that you have a sense of how powerful Signs can be, I have to tell happened again!!!  No lie!!!

Yes, I am the first one to admit that Austin is doing amazing...perfectly...and is a pure miracle, for which I am extremely thankful and grateful everyday.  And when Kevin begins the paranoia, I am the first one to tell him that God is not going to let anything happen to Austin and that we have to continue to put our faith in him first, that he has never let us down.  With all of that said, I am human, and have had my times where I still find myself praying for a "sign", just to reassure me once again that Austin will continue to do amazing!  Its a little bit comical and I often feel like the Lord is listening to me thinking "Is she for real?  How many SIGNS do I have to send her?"  Nonetheless, he came through again for me.

The other night I was watching a movie and it ended a little before midnight.  I switched off the DVD player and the TV came back on.  I wasn't really paying attention, but happened to look up and see this man on the TV, talking.  It was a close up, you could only see the man from about his shoulders up and he was the only one on the screen.  He was talking to me....well, talking to the camera, but it sure seemed like he was talking to me.  At this point, it became obvious to me that it was some sort of religious show and this person was a preacher.  I took a minute to listen to him.   I listened to him talk about how God is a healer and all you have to do is ask him to heal and believe that he will heal.  And this man talked at great length about miracles and all things being possible through Faith.  He went on and on and honestly, I was so taken back by what I was hearing that I don't even remember everything he said.  I certainly got the jist though. 

After a few minutes, the camera panned back and now appeared a woman along side the man.  The two joined hands and said "Let us pray".  I lowered my head and prayed with them.  Prayed as they asked the viewers to put their hands over the body part that needed healing (I of course just sat there dumb-founded and listened).  They said a prayer about healing and miracles, and then the man said that there "is a man out there right now, who had trauma to his head, and there was hemorraging which resulted in a lot of fluid around his brain.  God is healing you right now. Right now as we speak, the fluid is disappearing and the trauma is now gone".  The man and woman continued to talk about different viewers whose prayers were being answered but at this point, I was in tears and just sat and cried....a happy cry.  This was my sign.  The sign I had asked for yet again.  I quickly went into Austin's bedroom, where he was sleeping peacefully, put my hands over his head and said another quick prayer.   Then I went over to Jake, placed my hands on his ears and prayed for him as well.

When I got back to my bedroom, I looked in the guide channel to see what that show was (which by the way had just ended at this point) was The 700 Club.  I had heard of it, but never actually seen it.  At any rate, all I know is, for the show to be on the tv when I switched it over from my movie; for me to catch the last 10 minutes of that show; for them to be discussing healing; and for them to actually talk about a brain injury being healed.....all of that is not coincidental in my eyes.  Its just amazing!

Today we went for Austin's MRI.  He did awesome.  Brain is expanding the way it should, still some extra fluid in the ventricles, but they turned up the shunt a little and expect Austin to continue to do amazing!!  We go on thursday to meet with the neurosurgeon and go over the actual images....

Thanks again to all of you who continue to pray for Austin and our family.  Your prayers continue to be heard.  And I made a promise to share every bit of my story, my faith, my miracles and my hope....and so here it is, once thankful.

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