Monday, May 2, 2011

Travel Boppy

When Jake was a few months old (after several sleepless nights and lots of spit ups) we decided to try him in the Boppy pillow.  He instantly loved it, it kept him up at an incline and just made him more comfortable sleeping.  Well, he ended up using the boppy pillow for several months (maybe even longer, I can't remember now).  I just remember that it was very hard to break him of the habit of having the boppy to sleep with at night.  We relied on it so much that we had our "home" boppy and our "travel" boppy.   The "home" boppy got so much use out of it that I had to throw it away when Jake got older.  The "travel" boppy on the other hand, was not used nearly as often and I was able to hang onto it.

Austin has been having some major gas issues and the poor thing just can't seem to get comfortable after he's eaten for quite some time.   He is also starting to take after his older brother and spit up quite a bit (although thankfully nowhere near how much Jake used to spit up...knock on wood!)  So, this weekend I broke out the old "travel" boppy....knowing that Austin is really too little to use it for long periods of time, but figured he might enjoy sitting in it for a few minutes at a time.  And....I was right.  He was fussing like crazy and then when he hit the boppy pillow, he just calmed down and began to look around.  Got a clip of it (don't mind the spit up at the end of the video, haha).

In other news, lil guy is growing like a weed!  And thinks he's hungry every hour and a half, so there is no rest around this house.  We went to the pediatrician last thursday and Austin had gained 7 ounces in a week.  Not too shabby.   I'm hoping we can add another pound on him before his surgery in two weeks...may be wishful thinking, but at the rate we're eating, could be very realistic.  His head circumference is measuring 38.5cm now, but its expected to grow as his body is growing as well.  He has to go for his pre-op bloodwork on friday..not looking foward to that. 

Jake is absolutely in love with him now.  As soon as Austin fusses or cries, Jake's running to get Kevin or I to tell us that Austin's upset.  He even said the other day "I miss my baby brother" (even though Austin was right next to us sleeping).  He continues to talk about when Austin gets older they are going to play together.  Can't wait for that to happen!! 

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  1. Kelly,
    I cannot thank you enough for sharing your story. I found you through the hydrocephalus info site and your story has already given me great hope. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and we found out 3.5 weeks about that our baby has hydrocephalus. Your story struck a chord with me since our first son who is now four was born with a birth defect of his abdominal wall that left his liver & intestines on the outside of his body. It was an isolated defct that was taken care of with 2 surgeries & 6 weeks in the nicu. We were under the impression that we would go on to have 'perfectly' healthy baby so we were shocked & heart broken when we found out about our new baby. I just had to write you because you have given me great hope during this awful time.Thank you & Congratulations to you & your husband on your two beautiful boys.
    Delia Albert