Friday, May 20, 2011

Paranoia is kicking in hardcore!

The days are just flying by here.  Feels like just yesterday that I was in the hospital with the lil man and now here we are, almost six weeks have gone by.  We had a bit of a set back on monday with the shunt.  Austin had been very irritable for days and just got worse to the point that he was inconsolable sunday night and monday morning.  We went down to the surgeon's office, and found out that Austin's shunt was over-draining and he was dehydrated.  So his drip was turned down and we had to give him Pedialyte for a few days.  Now he's back to himself again thank goodness.

Brings me to the paranoia in the house.  Its out of control.  We worry about every little thing with him.  We were told all of things to look for which could cause concern with the shunt not working properly, however its hard to know if Austin is exhibiting normal newborn behavior or if it is something more.  I hate feeling like this.  And as much as I worry or not worry about things, Kevin is one hundred times worse than me, so we don't balance well.  I anticipate the paranoia to remain for a long time, but hoping that it subsides at least a little otherwise we are all going to go nutz!!!  I have to keep reminding myself that Austin is doing well and I am thankful everyday for my little miracle. 

His incisions look better and better everyday and you can tell that he is feeling better.  He is putting more and more weight on his right side of his head.  We have been doing tummy time and he is doing great.  He can pick his head up and turn it from side to side.  He even rolled over twice from stomach to back.  (Not on purpose of course, but because he was so worked up and upset from being on his belly that he arched himself over).  Pretty amazing stuff considering Jake didn't even hold his head up until he was 5 1/2 months old!  Jake loves to do tummy time with Austin too and is such a great help with diaper changes, baths and getting Austin to stop crying.

Here are some new pics of the little guys....

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