Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'll take that anyday!

On tuesday, Austin went to the opthalmologist.  With hydro kids, they recommend seeing an eye doctor once a year just to check for any pressure behind the eyes.  I figured we might as well get it over with it as soon as possible, so we went.  Poor Austin got upset when they dialated his eyes, but he was a champ overall.  Doctor said his optic nerves look great and there was no pressure behind his eyes.  He is more far sighted than he should be at his age, so she wants to see him back in four months to check and see if he's vision has gotten better.  (On a side note, Jake saw the same doctor around 6 months of age-again, to check optic nerve due to being deaf-and was noted to be farsighted too which got better over time).  So we're just hoping that it gets better over the next few months as well for Austin.  Overall, it was a good visit and I'll take that....

Today we went for a check up with the neuro surgeon.  She told me that Austin looked great.  His head is measuring exactly how it should and his incisions are completely healed.  She said that she anticipates the MRI to show Austin's brain fluffing out.   She does not anticipate neurological issues with Austin!  We discussed how Austin is favoring his left side of his head (i.e. always turned on that side, looking on that side) and she gave me the name of a pediatric physical therapist to see until we can get an evaluation with Early Intervention.  Its something we want to be proactive with since we don't want it get any worse as he gets older.  We don't see the surgeon again until August. 

I got home and called the physical therapist and set up an evaluation for next week.  So in the past 10 weeks, the "worst" news we have heard is that Austin may need physical therapy and could need glasses someday....I'll take that anyday!!! 

Praising God for my wonderful blessings everyday...

Mr. Smiley Head


The bros

(Jake's masterpiece of Mommy and Austin)

Taking a rest during some tummy time...

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