Friday, July 15, 2011

Silly Austin

Thats the nickname lately around this house.  That and "silly goose".  I've been a bad blogger lately and haven't really updated on Austin, so I want to catch everyone up on things. 

Austin continues to do amazing!  He is 3 months old already (only 3 more months left of my maternity leave, boo hoo!).  Gosh how time flies.  I can honestly say that I'm enjoying every single moment with him.  He's just such a joy and a great addition to our family.   I referred him to Early Intervention for a Physical Therapy evaluation, just to check out how he favors his neck to the one side (he's developed quite the flat spot on the back of his head from laying on one side all night long) and how his hands are mostly clenched.  We have been working at home with him on these two issues.  He has full movement of his neck to both sides, I think its just habit at this point.  And he can open his hands and does have them open when he's relaxed.  I'd be surprised if he qualified for EI services, but figured might as well get them checked out now.  His evaluation is scheduled for July 26th.  He is smiling a lot now and just began to start to bat at toys, which is cute.  Just gotta get him to open up those fists so he can grab the toys, but I know that will come soon.  He can hold his head up really good and has rolled over several times from his stomach onto his back.  He goes back to the pediatrician next week...I'm thinking he's probably close to 14 pounds now.  He also has his MRI scheduled for August 8th.  As much as I don't want him to have to get an IV, bloodwork or be sedated, I am looking forward to the results of the MRI.   He is really doing amazing!!!

My focus has turned to Jake these past few weeks.  I've really been forced to think about the fact that he is deaf.  And although he is doing great and is just like a normal hearing kid, we still have to realize that when the cochlears come off, he can't hear...anything.  I know he knows no different, but as a parent, I'm supposed to have all the answers for my kids.  And now, I have two kids with two medical issues that I will never be able to relate to.  I will never be able to know what it sounds like to Jake to have cochlear implants, or what it sounds like to hear nothing.  We were at the audiologist yesterday and learned that one of his ears has been malfuctioning for months.  I had no idea. 

Most parents that I know don't have to worry about all of the things I have to worry about on a daily basis.  And yes, there are so many parents out there who have much more difficult situations, and I am blessed to have met some really amazing parents of children with cochlear implants or children with hydrocephalus...but I have yet to meet someone who's walked in my shoes.  Some days it takes a toll on me and it all can be very draining.  When I have my moments where I feel beat down, upset or resentful, all I have to do is just look at my boys and all of that disappears for me.  I wouldn't trade one ounce of my life for someone else's.  My boys molded me into the person I am today.  I think I can say that for Kevin as well.  We are who we are because of them and all that they have gone through.  We don't take little things for granted as many parents do.  And we thank God everyday for blessing us with these boys.

 With that load off my chest, haha, here are some pics from today and a cute video of Austin (and yes, HE LIKES the baby talk haha)...

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