Thursday, September 1, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

In the short 4 months Austin has been in this world, he has gotten to experience an earthquake, a hurricane turned into a tropical storm, flooding, power outages, trees down, road closures and evacuations!  All in the same week!!!!!

Thankfully, we were very lucky and only had some minor damage with trees down (and power outage) when Hurricane Irene hit this past sunday.  Have to admit, it was the scariest storm I have ever witnessed....with the winds knocking down MANY trees by us.   Our backyard is very steep with many, many tall trees.  We decided to leave mid-storm once the first tree fell, coming within a few feet from the house.  Kevin and I really thought we would return that evening to find a tree through the house....thankfully that was not the case! 

Here is one of the trees....

Prayers and thoughts to all of the families that lossed a loved one or had damage to their homes and neighborhoods.   Hope everyone was able to stay safe.  And special thanks to G, N, B and K for allowing us to house crash during the storm....

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