Saturday, March 17, 2012

11 months....

Crazy to think that Austin is 11 months old already.  He's gone from a baby to a little man so fast.  Its been 3 weeks since he started crawling and he is ALL over the place.  We love every minute of it.  We've been working on getting him to go from sitting to standing by himself and last night he did it!!!  So, today, we had to lower the crib all the way down to the lowest position because I'm sure in no time he'll be pulling himself up in the crib onto his feet. 

We went for a helmet check up last week. Turns out that Austin only has another 4-6 weeks left!  I can't believe how fast that went as well.  I remember being so worried about the helmet and how it would affect the shunt and us going back and forth about should we get it or not.  And now I can honestly say that it has been such a blessing.  With that helmet on, we don't even worry about Austin falling, which he tends to do a lot of these days.  Our PT even mentioned seeing if the tech would just carve out the foam a little more in the helmet so he can continue to wear it for safety purposes after the molding is completed.  (I don't think we are going to do it, but I do like the sound  of that...especially when it comes to our hardwood floors!)  So we go back on April 4th and should have a better idea of things by then.  When looking at his head, his forehead is completely round now.  The only piece that the helmet is still working on is a slight flat spot in the back of his head, which is really only noticeable to us because we knew what it looked like before the helmet.  And boy is his hair finally growing in.  1st haircut will be here in no time.

The boys are having a blast together.  I love seeing them interact.  Austin just laughs at everything Jake does, so cute.  April is sure to be the busiest month yet.  We have four doctor's appointments (1 year well exam, neurosurgeon follow up, opthomologist follow up and ENT follow up).  Not to mention someone's big birthday bash!!!  I'm super excited about his birthday and just hoping for some nice weather. 

Everyone is sick in the house.  Yuck.  Austin has a cold, I had a stomach bug and now a cold and Kevin has a cold.  Luckily Jake seems to be ok for now, but hoping he doesn't catch what is floating around the house.  Weather is supposed to be nice this week so at least we can open up the windows and get some fresh air in.

Here are some pics of the hard to get pictures of Austin sitting still these days, but I finally managed to catch a few....

Austin playing with Jake's hair

Love this one...Brotherly Love.

Austin's favorite place...banging on the window

Crib in the lowest position.  Austin's not too sure about it yet!

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