Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!

Happy Easter to all!  He is Risen!!!!

Can't believe its Austin's 2nd Easter.  I feel like I say this in every post, but honestly, WHERE IS THE TIME GOING??   He just so busy lately...just go go go.  And when he is home, I'm lucky if he'll take a 30 minute nap.  Its like he doesn't want to miss anything.  So cute.  And what a lil babble boy he is.  You can talk to him and he just babbles back.  I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is!! 

Other than that, same old round here.  Just getting ready for the big ONE YEAR party on saturday!! 

Here's a clip from the other night of the little babbler (eating his cheese doodles :))

And some pics from today...(couldn't get Jake to pose for a good shot, but he LOVED, LOVED, LOVED hunting for all his eggs this year that the Easter Bunny left!)

Hard to believe that tomorrow Austin will be 1!  I remember preparing for his arrival one year ago tonight, being so nervous, excited, and anxious.  I remember moving our "Countdown to Austin's Arrival" sign that Jake and I made from 1 day to 0 days.  I remember checking my bag over and over, making sure I had everything I needed.  I remember actually getting a decent night's sleep and then waking up in the morning and being excited.  And of course I remember everything that happened on April 12, 2011.  Hearing Austin's cry at 1:28pm, seeing him briefly all wrapped up so only his puffy lil face was showing.    I remember exactly what I was doing when I got the picture text from Kevin when he was up in the NICU, all cleaned up, and just the overwhelming sense of joy I had.  I could recount every moment of that day....and just remember feeling so blessed by this little angel. 

One year has come and gone in a flash!  Happy, Happy Birthday to my lil man!!! 

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