Tuesday, February 15, 2011

29 weeks

We had a day full of appointments yesterday.  The morning started off with an ultrasound.  Just going up the elevator into the Maternal Fetal Medicine suite gets my stomach all in knots.  And then you have to sit in the waiting room while all of the other "eager" parents wait anxiously to get a glimpse of their unborn child.  Kevin and I just sit in the waiting room praying that we won't get bad news, hoping that everything will be ok, and wondering what each appointment will bring.  Both of us have actually started to dread these appointments (although I will say that I still love seeing him everytime!).

So, we were finally called into the room and we were lucky to have a nice technician, who actually talked to us throughout the scan.  We pretty much know everything they are looking at now, and we both try to analyze the scans as they are being performed.  Something we shouldn't do, but its hard not to.  At any rate, we were happy to learn that overall, things are pretty much status quo.  Everyone (Kevin included) keeps telling me not to be fixated on numbers, so I'll just say that the ventricles were just about the same.  Austin's head did get bigger and is now measuring about 4 weeks ahead of what it should be.  And although I'm certainly not a doctor, one would assume that with the ventricle sizes staying the same, and the head getting bigger, it would lead one to believe that more brain is growing!  So, we were happy to hear that.  Doctor reported that there is still a "reassuring" amount of cerebral mantle as well (the thick layer between the brain and the skull) which is good. 

After the ultrasound, we went across the street to the hospital with the genetic counselor to meet with one of the neonatologists and take a tour of the NICU.  The neonatologist was simply wonderful.  Great personality, very personable, able to answer all of our questions and offered advice to us.  The NICU itself was very nice too...they re-did it two years ago and now all of the babies pretty much have their own rooms.  The only downfall was that the NICU is on a different floor than the maternity suite where I'll be, but I was told that as soon as I'm able, I can go up to see Austin as much as I want. 

After the tour, we grabbed some lunch before heading back to the hospital for our follow up echocardiogram.  This scan seemed to take forever (even though it was faster than last time).  As you get further along in your pregnancy, its harder to lay flat on your back and I felt as though I was going to pass out.  At any rate, we were happy to hear that again, things stayed the same.  The regurgitation is still there, and although it certainly is not common, it is not affecting anything negatively at this point in Austin's heart.  So, the cardiologist will most likely just take a look after he's born to make sure that his heart is still working well and there is no backup of fluid anywhere around it.   The cardiologist said she didn't see any reason why he would even have the regurgitation and sometimes kids have this and there is no surgical intervention.  So it was hopeful to hear that.

And finally I met with my new OB.  I was very nervous about this because it is a really big practice and I'm not used to that.  I'm used to individualized attention and knowing my doctor.  But the doctor I met with was very sweet and explained to me that since I had a lot going on, she would try to keep all of my appointments with her for now, so I have the continuity.  She suggested that we try to pin down a time frame of when the latest they would do my c-section would be.  She said that it was going to be up to the neurosurgeon and the perinatologists to decide.  So, hopefully when I go back in 4 weeks for my next ultrasound, we can get some more concrete answers.  It would make sense to me that as soon as Austin's lungs are mature, he should come out so we can begin all the interventions...but of course I don't have the final say, so we'll just wait and see.

Thats about it for now....no more appointments for a few weeks!  Whoo hoo.  I also want to continue to thank everyone who continues to pray for Austin and our family.  The support has been overwhelming and so much appreciated and I am just so thankful for all of you...prayers are way more powerful than medicine and if anyone/thing can keep Austin healthy, it is all of your prayers!!!

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