Thursday, March 17, 2011

34 weeks

Not really too much to report on the Austin front this week.  I did call to find out what the result of the conversation between the perinatologist and the neurosurgeon was, and quickly learned that the perinatologist hadn't even reached out to the surgeon as of monday.  My understanding is that by tuesday afternoon, the surgeon picked up a copy of my last ultrasound pictures (she didn't feel that a written report was enough to make a decision).  And I haven't heard anything since.  So guess its all a waiting game still.  I scheduled another consultation with the surgeon though and go on March 28th, just to go over what specifically is going to happen with surgery, etc.  So at least when I go and meet with her maybe we can start discussing the reality of waiting until 39 weeks.   I am starting to get really uncomfortable...maybe because as of last week, they estimated that Austin weighed 5 pounds 11 ounces already! 

On the Jake front....we had his annual IEP on monday.  I was all ready for battle (as it was a battle last year to get the services I wanted for him!) but no battle was needed this year.  We got all the services again for this coming school year with no fight at all.  So thats one less worry.  It was great to hear all of his therapists talk about how well he has done this past year and how he has progessed.  He tested above average for speech comprehension and auditory memory and he tested just below average for his articulation.  Not bad for a kid who has only been hearing two years!  We are so proud of him!! 

Jake is still very excited about Austin.  Today, while getting in the car to go to school, he pointed out where Austin's car seat is going to be and then asked me "what else are we going to do with Austin".  So I told him all of the things we are going to do with him....and even told him that we would be going to see Dr. Chris (Jake's pediatrician who he LOVES!).  Jake responded "You take Austin to see Dr. Chris, I'm going to grammas".  Quite the little nuthead.

Thats about it for's a pic of Jake and I with Jake doing "nice, nice" to Austin.....

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