Sunday, March 27, 2011

Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil

Is that how the saying goes?  Regardless, we had a crazy week last week, but after some arguments and tears (on my part, haha) I was able to get what I earlier date for my c-section!!!!

Last tuesday, I get a random message from the neuro-surgeon's office saying that the surgeon is not available on April 26th for the shunt surgery but that her partner is, so the plan was for me to have my csection at 9am that morning and then Austin would have his surgery at 2pm that day.  Now if you have been following my blog, you know that my c-section was supposed to be April 22nd....good I was immediately confused.  When I called the office back, I was told that both surgeon's were not available on April 22nd, and the hospital was booked on April 25th, so now my c-section is on for April 26th.  (Mind you, that would be 39 weeks and 4 days gestation!)  Would've been nice if I got a call from my OB telling me that the plan had changed.

So on thursday I went to a regular OB appointment, and this appointment was not with my regular OB, but with a doctor I had never met.  I let her have it (and kept apologizing because it was not her fault).  I expressed my frustration with the new date, that no one called me, and that there is no reason why I should be waiting this long to have Austin when he has a serious medical issue already!  Then I broke out the tears.  This doctor explained to me that it was hospital practice/policy to not deliver before 39 weeks unless there is a medical reason documented and explained that since Austin already has the hydrocephalus, no one was going to risk his lungs not being developed.  We went back and forth about this topic for a while, talked about steriod shots, talked about whose decision it ultimately was....and she finally agreed to call the Perinatologist after I left to discuss what his recommendations were and see if she could get some clearer answers as she said it was ultimately up to him to decide.

Later that night, the OB called me back.  She said that the Perinatologist recommended deliver between 37 and 38 weeks!  WHAT???  Would've been nice if my OB knew that because there would have been no issue to begin with!  The lack of communication between these doctors is just amazing to me.  At any rate, we decided to do 37 1/2 weeks and picked April 13th, but of course the hospital is completely booked that day.  So I'm set for April 14th at 7:30am.  Still of course waiting for the definite that the surgeon is available this day, but we go tomorrow to meet with her, so we'll know definitely then.  I did find out that there are certain criteria that the perinatologist uses to suggest deliver before 37 weeks and so far Austin has not met any of those milestones (which is fantastic!).  One of them is that his head measures 42 weeks.  I think there is a good chance of this happening at my next ultrasound on friday.....I will be 36 weeks then and his head was already measuring 6 weeks ahead, so we'll see.  Guess we could be meeting Austin even sooner than the 14th, but for now I'm satisfied with that date.  Starting to get nervous......but really excited.

Keep those prayers coming!  I can already feel that a miracle is going to take place with Austin.

Otherwise, things are good.  Jake and I have managed to get ourselves sick with a cold, so I haven't been able to sleep in two days because I can't breathe.  And all the medicines that are "safe" to take when you're pregnant don't work!

Thats about it from the homefront.....I'll update after our appointments this week (Surgeon tomorrow, OB and ultrasound on friday).

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