Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guess who's 1 week old already!

Hard to believe that its been a week already since the lil man arrived.  The week went very fast.  We are starting to get into a routine now, which is nice.  As of now, surgery for Austin's shunt is scheduled for May 17th.  We are going for a second opinion on monday, but it does appear that as of now, Austin will most likely need a shunt.  We picked up a copy of his MRI from the day he was born.  I peeked at the images today and there is a significant amount of fluid, which we anticipated....but there is also a significant amount of brain, which in all likelihood will expand once the shunt is put in. 

He is still doing great though.  Kevin and I find ourselves worrying about all the small things that he does or doesn't do just because of his diagnosis and us being paranoid.  We have to constantly remind ourselves that Austin is not going to be just like Jake and vice versa.  All babies are different and it has nothing to do with Austin's hydrocephalus. 

Anyhoo....I put Austin in the swing today for the first time.  He loved it (unlike Jake who absolutely hated it!).  Here is a little clip...

And here is the proud big brother...who is getting more and more used to sharing time with his lil bro...(and it helps that I'm starting to feel better so I can spend some more time with him)

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