Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still on Track....

Stayed up until midnight last night making sure my bags were all packed and ready to go just in case they decided that they wanted to get Austin out after my ultrasound today.  I knew that if I didn't get everything ready, then he would definitely be coming early....but I really felt as though we weren't going to see anything drastic today.  And, as you can guess.....we are still on track for delivery on April 12th. 

I was doing some last minute errands yesterday during my lunch break.  Well, I stopped in one store and it was raining out and with all this extra weight in the front....wham!....yep, fell right on the tile floor!  Landed on my knees and my hands broke my fall.  Boy did I fly up to standing position as fast as I could, as two employees yelled "OMG...are you ok??" and started to run over to me.  I was fine....just a little sore and a little embarrassed.  And even though I didn't hit my stomach on the floor or anything, I definitely was feeling a little tight as my day went on and after sitting at my desk for a few hours, both my legs were beginning to cramp up.  Seriously.....can't I catch a break??  Today I was fine by the way....

At any rate, so I was excited to actually have this ultrasound today, just to make sure everything was fine after the fall (even though I knew it was because Austin has been moving and kicking like normal!)  But this was the first ultrasound that Kevin did not attend, so it was nerve-wracking being there by myself.  Ultrasound itself wasn't bad.  Got to see Austin "practice breathing" which was cool.  I haven't posted any actual measurements of his ventricles in a few months, but people have been asking me, so just to put things in prospective, here goes. 

At 20 weeks, Austin's lateral ventricles were measuring 19mm (normal is up to 10mm) and his third ventricle was measuring 5mm (normal is 3mm).   On friday, at 36 weeks, his lateral ventricles were measuring about 29mm on each side and his third was a little over 8mm.  Today, at 36 weeks 5 days, one ventricle jumped to 34mm, the other stayed about the same, and the third was almost at 9mm.  Keep in mind that all the measurements are relevant to how the pictures are taken and how the technician measures them.  Overall, things have increased relatively slowly, which has been good...about 1-2 mm a week.  So, I was a little upset/surprised that we are now measuring in the 30's on the one side.  However, the technician did a side shot of his head and I saw some substantial brain in there, so I was very happy!  And the overall ultrasound did not raise any concerns to move up the delivery April 12th here we come!!!! 

One more OB appointment to go on friday; and then my pre-op bloodwork on monday and then he'll be here!  I can't believe we are in the home stretch.  I've been waiting for this for so long, but I'm nervous.  There is only so much I can prepare myself, but I'm trying to do the best I can over these next few days.  I'm even working up until monday afternoon, just to keep myself busy (and I want more time with him after he's here). 

Jake continues to be super excited.  I have a note from his speech therapist yesterday saying that when she asked him about Austin coming, he said "Mommy's going to the doctor, she's gonna lay down and pull her shirt up.  I'm gonna see mommy in couple days.  I'm gonna stay with gramma".  He's also been saying that the doctor is going to cut me and I'm gonna say "OUCH".  He's too funny.  I'm gonna miss my lil buddy when I'm in the will be the longest I've ever been away from him!!!  Can't wait to be able to hold both my lil men...

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